You’re tired of second guessing yourself when formulating toners?

You struggle with foils bleeding or lifting splotchy?

You’re dreaming of creating the perfect balayage without melting afterwards?
You wonder if investing in yourself will be worth it? Let me answer this one for you. It will be worth it, you deserve it!

Let me guess....

You had the perfect formula to create formulas.

Your foils lifted to an even tone and you create your goal end result with no bleeds.

You had the dreamiest hand painting technique and it came with ease.

You invest in yourself as a stylist and it comes back tenfold.

Imagine If....


The Hairstylist Bundle

With the Hairstylist Bundle package you will have the basic and master knowledge in three major topics in the hair industry. Balayage, foiling and color theory. You will learn how to surface hand paint, face frame paint, wet balayage, foil with the perfect tension, how to create ribbons of color vs blended lights and how to formulate the perfect toner.

Color Theory Basic Course
Color Theory Master Course
Fearless Foil Basic Course
Fearless Foil Master Course
Balayage Like a Badass Basic Course
Balayage Like a Badass Master Course

How to Grow Clientele E-Book

It includes:

Plus All these Bonuses:

Hey there! My name is Alyssa and I am the woman behind the education you see on this site. Let me share a little about me. I own a beautiful rent based salon in the town of Naugatuck, CT. I am a full-time Educator, working non-stop on online education and hosting/traveling to LIVE classes throughout the year. I have been in the industry for 9 years & I am working part-time behind the chair. Doing what I LOVE to do, just like you. I became an Educator because I LIVE TO SHARE!

My focus on education started when I realized my true passion in life is to share with others: YOU CAN DO THIS!  I love to focus on maximizing your time behind the chair by sharing techniques that are not only time savers, but SIMPLE! Another topic I love to share and focus on is Color Theory. Whether you have been in the industry for 1 year or 50, there is always something to learn when it comes to the theory of what we use every single day behind the chair!

Hey there! I'm Alyssa.

Are you ready to take your Passion for Hair to the next level?


If you aren't ready to make a full commitment yet, but want to get a taste of a class or fill in a gap of knowledge, check out the individual courses below!


Desert Rose Hair Vibes Class $49

-Reverse Balayage Technique
-Hairline hand painting 
-Lowlight formulation
-Speedy application
-Learn which guests this would be great for

Citrine Hair Vibes $49

-Dimensional Gloss Application
-Coloring with a demi-permanent effect
-Application with EASE & SPEED
-Learning which guests this is targeted for 

Color Theory Basic Class $29

- Foundation of Color Theory
- Underlying Pigment + Filling
- How to Make Primaries
- The Formula to Formulation

Color Theory Masterclass $29

- How to Make Primaries
- Visualizing the Color Wheel
- Saturation Explanation
- pH + Porosity
- Liquid vs. Cream Color

Balayage Like A BasA$$ Basic Class $29

- Sectioning For All Hand Paintings
-Developer Choice
-Painting Tips

Balayage Like A BasA$$ Masterclass $29

-Dimension Diagram 
-Hairline Painting
-Wet Balayage
-Balayage Tips on a Model

Fearless Foil Basic Class $29

-Favorite Foil Tools
-Secure Application
-Foil Folding
-Preventing Bleeds
-Weave + Slice Patterns

Fearless Foil Masterclass $29

-Blending Inside The Foil
-Vertical VS Horizontal Foiling
-Low + Slow
-Time Savers

Consultation 101 $29

-Consult with confidence!
-Learn my CPR method
-Difference between strong and weak consultations 
-Tools to use to explain hair to guests

Want to get a taste of what classes are like with me? 

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